Social Program

-Openning CoktailSunday, April 2nd – 8 pm 

HOTEL Senac Ilha do Boi

All participants are cordially invited to attend the Openning Cocktail. The event will take place in the hotel.  The Welcome Cocktail is covered by the registration fee and thus offered to any registered participant.


-Atomic Dinner - Tuesday, April 4th - 8:30 pm

- R$140,00 Participant/ Accompanying Persons

- R$70,00 Student (PhD, Master) (Graduate)



Conference dinner will be a good opportunity to meet and network with colleagues and friends attending the 14th Rio Symposium Atomic Spectrometry. 

Come and taste the delicious Capixaba food, drinks, good music and a beautiful view. Click here to know the menu and prices.



- Bottle Party

 You are invited to bring a bottle of a typical drink from your country at Hotel Senac Ilha do Boi for the Bottle Party. Spend the evening with friends eating finger food and enjoying a variety of drinks.

Free for participants and accompanying persons.


 - Full day excursion - Wednesday, April 5th   (9am to 5pm)

200 BRL / 65* USD

Gurapari by schooner with lunch

 It will be a pleasent day in which you will visit some of the most beautiful beaches of Espirito Santo. There will be a stop for lunch in a typical restaurant (Curuca) with the delicious "Moqueca Capixaba" !


9am    Departure from Vitória and panoramic drive by the Northern beaches

As we cross the 3rd Bridge to Vila Velha (EN: Old Town), we may appreciate the beauty of the curves in our coast. On the way to the quay in Guarapari’s Center, where our schooner departs, we’ll take the opportunity to look at the Setibabeach, that faces the open sea; the Santa Mônica beach, in its calm water bay; and the Hill’s beach, on the mouth of Beneventes river, the most urbanized and populous in the summer.


11am        Schooner tour by Guarapari’s shore

Arriving in Guarapari’s Center, just after Hill’s beach, we’ll embark the “Hindi Schooner”, which will take us in a tour by the same Northern shore, only from a completely different point of view!Taking a ride with the flow of the Beneventes’ river, we’ll pass by the Hill’s beach to reach the Fishing Hill, a preserved area inaccessibleto land vehicles. There we’ll contour the Fox Island, Beach Village and the other isles and peninsulas that compose Guarapari’s coast, stopping for 30 min. for a plunge into the bay of the Three Beaches. After arriving at Setiba beach, the schooner will go back straight to the pier, spending only 40 min.

Aboard of the schooner we’ll find a fruit table available at no cost, but they also sell water (3 BRL for a 500ml bottle), beerand soda (5BRL for a 350ml can) and snacks (potato and corn chips, peanuts, costing 3 to 5 BRL for small-sized pack). For our comfort, they also have waterproof padded benches and four bathrooms on board.


2pm        Disembarkation and lunch in Meaípe

Our car will be waiting right next to the píer and will take us directly to theCantinho do Curuca (EN: Curuca’s Corner), one of the most reputed restaurants in the state. The menu for today will be an entrance of Fried Shrimps, MoquecaCapixaba (EN: Espírito Santo’s Fish Stew) as main dish and Coconut Pie for dessert, as well as one drink per person (juice, soda or water). As an alternative to seafood, Tenderloin Steak and French Fries will also be served. The restaurant is located by Meaípe’s shore and has fresh water showers available for costumers, just in case someone wants to swim again.


4pm        Southern and Central beaches

Leaving Meaípe, we’ll pass by the sister beaches of Bacutia and Peracanga, split by a thin sand strip that connects the Peracanga’s hill with the continente; this region is known as Blue Cove, and has been increasingly valorized in the past decade. Back in the Center, this time by the shore, we’ll have a short photo stop (15 min.) at theBlack Sand beach, famous for its monazitic sands that carry radioactive properties, said to help healing bones’ and joints’ inflamations. Back in the car, we’ll return to Vitória.

5:30pm    Expected arrival in Vitória



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Enjoy a little bit more from Espirito Santo!!!



 4 hours, 95 BRL / 30* USD

C:\Users\Atendimento\Pictures\Baía e Vitória - Foto Governo do Estado.jpg Come and meet the Honey Island, surrounded by the mountain river in her encounter with the mighty ocean, creating a safe nursery for the sea life to prosper, which also turned out to be a perfect tradepoint, which makes us one of Brazil’s greatest commercial ports. Includes a panoramic tour by Vitória and Vila Velha beautiful coastlines, which match the most urbanized areas of the cities. Also visit the Penha's Convent, historic icon of the colonization, and the Vale Museum, symbol of the state's current wealth.Some optional stops are the shed of the Potmakers from Guava-trees, the Saint Lucy’s Lighthouse and the Garoto Chocolate Factory shop.



8 hours, 125 BRL / 40* USD


After the official abolition of slavery in Brazil, European families and outcasts filled dozens of ships on their way here and were offered the green unexplored highlands, until then house of native Indians. This tour visits the NegoOrchidarium, the German city of Domingos Martins and the Italian city of Venda Nova doImigrante, driving by the Lizard Route.There’s an optional and non-included lunch stop in a typical restaurant.




6 hours,110 BRL / 35* USD

C:\Users\Atendimento\Pictures\Igreja dos Reis Magos.jpg

The tour begins in the gastronomic beach of Manguinhos, where we'll have time for swimming and tasting the local cuisine (non-included). From there, we visit the Magi Kings Church, a preserved Jesuit settlement from 1580, and greet the Guarani people from TekoaPorã village, in a cultivated oasis that supplies the community.On the road between them, we’ll also take a look at Nova Almeida’s and Formosa beaches!


*prices in USD may change due to exchange rate fluctuation.